Are you seeking employment or reading for a change of pace? Our resumes are custom written and read like a short story, which is guaranteed to get your potential employers attention. Jax Florida Internet Marketing SEO and Website Design works hard to stay on top of modern business trends, and statistics show that you have about thirty seconds to get a hiring manager’s attention. Therefore, you need a resume that will be engaging. Employers look over hundreds of resumes a week, so if your resume is a standard bullet point resume, than you can forget about getting a call back. Our resumes are crisp, interesting, and provide all the information modern employers are looking for in a potential candidate, plus we can usually build your new resume in less than a day. Call now to speak to a live agent, or for less immediate inquiries please fill out the form provided below or email us via our Contact page. Get started on the rest of your life today by calling (904) 419-7214! Thanks in advance for your consideration, and we home to hear from your real soon.    

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