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Now offering custom QR codes for just $6.00 each. Its the last business card you’ll ever need. Have a special event or website you’d like to showcase? Now, you can do it the tech savvy way then just have your buyer scan your QR code with the their smart-phone. Its faster and more eco-friendly. Custom backgrounds, emoticon or profile pictures can be edited into the finished product, plus you have an option to receive these little money makers the old fashioned way (you’ll get a customized, laminated permanent card to store in your wallet or as a key-chain) which comes in sets in sets of 25 for $30, 75 for $50, 100 for $75, and 250 for $100. Other features coming soon are T-shirts and ball caps. What better way to get your message out than to be a walking billboard. Flyer’s follow the same payment and package options process, just be sure to differentiate your selection in the message box when filling out the form. So, what are you waiting for? To get started, choose your package and complete the PayPal transaction process, then fill out our handy online ordering form below, and call or email us, otherwise we’ll call you back (usually the following business day).

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