Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Tired of your business not getting noticed? We can provide search engine optimization for your website. Need proof, just do a search for Jax Florida Internet Marketing, SEO, Remote PC Repair, Resumes ect. We appear in the 1st page results on all topics! We also show up in several other popular search results too numerous for display on this forum, but if you’re still not convinced, feel free to contact us for more examples. Don’t trust your local Search Engine Optimization to folks who aren’t local! Your site must be keyword/meta search friendly in conjunction with online mapping, to be seen by the most popular search engines, and this is an ongoing process which demands weekly monitoring.

You will be listed among the top results when searched for a super low fee compared to our competition, and you’ll never guess how simple and easy it is. Finally, results are not guaranteed for the simple reason that we don’t work for Google, but the proof is in the work we’ve done optimizing our own site (according to Google, please allow 4 weeks to 6 months for rankings to improve, however the vast majority of our clients see results within 2 weeks or sooner). To get started, complete the PayPal transaction process, fill out the form below, and call or email us, otherwise we’ll call you based on the contact information from the form (usually the following business day). Keywords and site description are optional but there are many different sites on the web selling many different products, therefore any useful terms you supply would greatly expedite the process, thank you.

Search Engine Optimization

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